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 This is me!

I am wife to my courageous and adventurous husband and homeschooling mother to an almost 10 year old beautiful bookworm violin playing daughter and a whirlwind almost 7 year old young engineer son who believes he can fix anything!

I am also a child therapist who is passionate about children and their healthy development. My special interest is neuro-development, that is brain and nervous system development in children. I help children to become learning ready with fun filled movement activities that are home based. 

As a musician I believe that music is a wonderful brain developing activity. I facilitate a toddler music group once a week, called Toddler Bells or Kleuter-klokkies.

I firmly believe in the power of good stories to heal, develop and entertain. So there will be space dedicated on my blog on children's story products. 

Lastly but most importantly I am a child of God who desire to please my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in everything I do. 

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